About the Radio Show

Radio PodcastHeart Filled Holidays is a lifestyle radio show that helps busy moms make life better for themselves and their families during the holidays and every day. Our mission is to help moms create a lifestyle with balance, fulfillment and joy. We help them do things more easily and with better results, from saving time and money to parenting to marriage to planning and enjoying family vacations and events.

In each episode, host Sandy Fowler guides moms on a journey of discovery. She interviews an expert or a mom who shares experiences they’ve had, lessons they’ve learned or techniques listeners can use themselves. In Christmas Corner she takes the tips and techniques into the holiday season with a special emphasis on simplifying gift giving and adding meaning with homemade gifts. Along the way she shares tips and strategies as well as products and services that help moms achieve the lifestyle they desire.

Heart Filled Holidays radio show launched on Valentine’s Day in 2011 and has steadily grown. 2015 has been a banner year and during the summer monthly downloads passed the 1 million mark. If you enjoy the show, please leave a review on iTunes here. It is the #1 way to support the podcast.

People Are Talking…

“This show is perfect for the busy and creative mom.”

“This is a great show not just for the holidays. Very enjoyable.”

“Sandy’s approach to life in general is spot on and helpful to all mothers for simplifying their life!”

“The topics are great and the guests are interesting. I love the informal relaxed tone Sandy takes, it’s almost like she’s a personal friend!”