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Episode 12.28.15 How to Work with an Introvert – Beth Buelow Interview

How to Work with an Introvert

Interview with Beth Buelow

This week on Heart Filled Holidays, Sandy Fowler is chatting with Beth Buelow about her new book, The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms. Beth will help us learn more about introverts, extroverts and how we can get along better. She’ll talk about living and working with an introvert and how introverts can celebrate their strengths.

In our daily living segment, Sandy is sharing a simple strategy for having the New Year’s family celebration you want along with 5 fun, non-alcoholic drinks that kids and adults alike can enjoy. And in Christmas Corner Sandy will share tips for packing up your holiday decorations in a way that will save you time and minimize frustration next year.

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Episode 11.23.15 Family Communication – Dr Vijaya Nair and Lauren Bowling Interviews

Episode 11-23-15 Family Communication

Dr. Vijaya Nair and Lauren Bowling Interviews
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Dr. Vijaya Nair is back for her 3rd interview on Heart Filled Holidays and today Sandy Fowler will get her tips for family communication. The chat comes just in time for Thanksgiving and all the holiday season family gatherings where you might be dealing with difficult situations. To make sure you have all the tools you need, Dr. Nair is also giving away her worksheet on how to have conflict-free communication.

Sandy is sharing a second interview on this week’s show. She’ll be chatting with Lauren Bowling to find out all about blogging. Sandy and Lauren will discuss what’s really involved in creating a blog, reasons to do it beyond making money and the truth about creating income with a blog.

In addition to the all the great information guests will be sharing, Sandy will share some strategies for dealing with clutter and take a look at one of the most difficult sources – keepsakes. This sentimental clutter is always a challenge but there are some simple things you can do to make it easier while regaining your space. And she’ll wrap up with Christmas Corner where she’ll talk about harnessing the Advent season to create a better Christmas. She’ll include some fun ideas for a cozy family tradition that can bring your family together during this busy season.

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