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Episode 12.21.15 Tech Tips for Parents – Jen Jamar Interview

Tech Tips for Parents from Jen Jamar

Interview with Jen Jamar

At Heart Filled Holidays we love finding ways to make life easier and better, helping moms to feel good and be happy. Today Sandy Fowler is sharing a wide variety of tips and information to help with that. She’s interviewing Jen Jamar and finding out how families can use technology to make life easier and better. Jen will share ideas and apps and tell us how to use them to our advantage.

Sandy will share three foods that can help your skin and a quick exercise to help give you a ballerina’s derriere – all to keep you feeling good about the way you look. And, in Christmas Corner, Sandy will give you a simple way to handle your holiday overwhelm, showing you how to adjust and get the Christmas you want. She’ll also share tips for having fun and strengthening your marriage during the Christmas break.

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Episode 11.30.15 Tips for Busy Parents – Dr Vijaya Nair and Blythe Lipman Interviews

Tips for Busy Parents podcast with Dr Vijaya Nair and Blythe Lipman

Interviews with Dr. Vijaya Nair and Blythe Lipman
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On today’s Heart Filled Holidays, Sandy Fowler shares two great interviews. The first is with Dr. Vijaya Nair where Dr. Nair reveals the surprising mistake busy parents make that interferes with their happiness and their parenting. Dr. Nair is on a mission to de-stress moms and create happier families with some simple, stress-relieving changes in our lives. Today she’ll reveal a simple change that does just that. Then Sandy will chat with Blythe Lipman, exploring hints and tips for handling toddler issues. They’ll also explore ways to make the holidays easier and more fun with young children.

Speaking of holidays, that means turkey dinners and lots of leftovers so Sandy will share a few ideas for different ways to enjoy those leftovers. Then, she’ll tell you about her secret for showing your friends, your kids or other loved ones that you care. It’s her “Mom in a Box” and “Friend in a Box” strategy for bringing a little comfort and a smile.

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Episode 11.9.15 Make a Good Marriage Great – Dr Terri Orbuch Interview

interview with Dr Terri Orbuch

Interview with Dr Terri Orbuch, author of 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great

People say marriage is a lot of hard work. But what if it isn’t? What if there were simple things you could do to make your good marriage even better? Dr. Terri Orbuch has been researching marriage for almost 30 years through a landmark study funded by the NIH. Her findings have been fascinating. Today, Sandy Fowler interviews Dr. Orbuch, a.k.a. The Love Dr., on Heart Filled Holidays to find out what’s true about long-term marriage. We’ll talk about some common myths and find out the simple steps you can use to make a good marriage great.
Before chatting with Dr. Orbuch, Sandy is sharing tips for your Thanksgiving celebration. She has a dozen ways to make your Thanksgiving celebration easier, prettier and tastier. Lastly, in Christmas Corner, Sandy is talking about Black Friday, including tips for making the most of your shopping day. Plus a few reminders of holiday tasks to take care of this time of year.

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Episode 9.14.15 A Fresh Look at Paying for College – Jocelyn Paonita Pearson interview

Paying for College with Jocelyn Paonita Pearson

Interview with Jocelyn Paonita Pearson

Paying for college is a growing concern for families across the country. College costs are rising and parents are wondering how they’ll ever help their baby attend the school of their choice, or even any college, without mortgaging their future. Sandy Fowler is bringing relief to these worries through an interview on Heart Filled Holidays radio with Jocelyn Paonita Pearson. Jocelyn will shine a light on some of the myths around college scholarships as well as sharing tips for how any student, not just the star athlete, the class valedictorian or kids who’ve jumped huge hurdles, can get scholarships.

Along with this theme of saving money, Sandy will share some simple strategies for saving money on your car. Once you realize these savings you can squirrel away the extra dough to cover holiday expenses. But before diving into all this money talk, Sandy will help you avoid one of the biggest romance killers around and give you 10 simple questions you can use to avoid this pitfall in your dating life or marriage.

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Episode 8.31.15 Handling a Bad Mouthing Ex – Sandra Beck Interview

Handling a Bad Mouthing Ex

Interview with Sandra Beck, mother and entrepreneur

Sandra Beck is interviewed by Sandy Fowler. Sandra is a mom and business owner who went through a difficult divorce and found life afterward to still be divisive. However, in her typical style, she found her way out of the mess and into the life she wants. On Heart Filled Holidays Radio, Sandra will share strategies for handling the curve balls a difficult ex can throw as well as simple ways to talk to your kids when you are dealing with a bad mouthing ex. From parental alienation to making your kids feel good through it all, Sandra’s got it covered.

This week you’ll get tips for making the school year better for both your kids and yourself. We’re sharing apps that help kids with homework and one that helps parents meet the bus without having to wait around. We’ll share those along with a simple trick for busy moms to keep the laundry under control.

And in Christmas Corner we’re talking about traditions and how they can make or break your holidays. Sandy has simple advice for making sure they don’t derail your joy. We’ll wrap things up with a look at a fun holiday celebration – caroling parties.

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