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Episode 1.4.2016 Real and Livable Weight Loss Solutions – Darya Rose Interview

Weight Loss Solutions and New Years Resolutions

Interview with Darya Rose

With the New Year come hopes and dreams for a better life in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight. This can be a difficult resolution to achieve so Sandy is tackling this challenging topic through an interview with Darya Rose, author of Foodist. Darya struggled with weight and tried tons of diets before digging into food science and research and discovering the answers that have helped her live at a healthy weight since 2007. She’ll share her insights, secrets and simple solutions to living happy at a healthy weight.

In the Daily Living Segment, Sandy is sharing suggestions for fun and creative vacation destinations that are perfect for families with kids under 10. For the time you’ll spend at home, she shares a great activity to keep the kids occupied; it’s part craft and part kitchen chemistry but safe and simple fun for the kids or the whole family.

In Christmas Corner Sandy is looking back over the past Christmas season in order to make the next holiday season even better.

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Episode 8.10.15 Pets and Raising a Compassionate Child – Diane Rose-Solomon Interview

Raising Compassionate Kids

Interview with Diane Rose-Solomon

Diane Rose-Solomon joins Sandy Fowler to chat about people, pets, the human-animal bond and raising a compassionate child. She’s the author of J.J. The American Street Dog and she helps pet-loving families raise compassionate kids. Diane teaches families the priceless gift of the human-animal bond as well as sharing tips and advice for pet ownership – including knowing when you shouldn’t get a pet!

Sandy is taking a look at how to enjoy a staycation along with tips for using organizational inspiration to decorate your home. And in Christmas Corner you’ll hear stories about homemade and experiential Christmas gifts the Fowler family has received over the years.

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