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Episode 11.23.15 Family Communication – Dr Vijaya Nair and Lauren Bowling Interviews

Episode 11-23-15 Family Communication

Dr. Vijaya Nair and Lauren Bowling Interviews
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Dr. Vijaya Nair is back for her 3rd interview on Heart Filled Holidays and today Sandy Fowler will get her tips for family communication. The chat comes just in time for Thanksgiving and all the holiday season family gatherings where you might be dealing with difficult situations. To make sure you have all the tools you need, Dr. Nair is also giving away her worksheet on how to have conflict-free communication.

Sandy is sharing a second interview on this week’s show. She’ll be chatting with Lauren Bowling to find out all about blogging. Sandy and Lauren will discuss what’s really involved in creating a blog, reasons to do it beyond making money and the truth about creating income with a blog.

In addition to the all the great information guests will be sharing, Sandy will share some strategies for dealing with clutter and take a look at one of the most difficult sources – keepsakes. This sentimental clutter is always a challenge but there are some simple things you can do to make it easier while regaining your space. And she’ll wrap up with Christmas Corner where she’ll talk about harnessing the Advent season to create a better Christmas. She’ll include some fun ideas for a cozy family tradition that can bring your family together during this busy season.

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Episode 9.7.15 Drama Free Friendship for Teens and Tweens – Annie Fox Interview

Drama Free Friendship

Interview with Annie Fox, parenting expert and author

On today’s Heart Filled Holidays Radio Podcast Sandy Fowler is chatting with our guest, Annie Fox. Annie is the author of The Girls’ Q&A Book on Friendship. She’s an internationally respected parenting expert, a trusted online adviser for tweens and teens,  and she’s joining us today to share insights and tips on drama free friendships. She knows kids need to hone their friendship skills in the midst of some of the most confusing years of their lives. Her advice has been applauded by kids and parents alike and today she’ll help us so we can help our tweens and teens navigate their friendships without all the drama.

Sandy will also be sharing life hacks because every busy mom can use some shortcuts. She’ll include 6 kitchen hacks that can save you time, money and even decrease your stress. Then it’s over to Christmas Corner where you’ll become the coolest gift giver on the block. We’ve found some geeky and quirky gift ideas that might be the perfect fit for one of the geeks on your Christmas list.

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Episode 8.31.15 Handling a Bad Mouthing Ex – Sandra Beck Interview

Handling a Bad Mouthing Ex

Interview with Sandra Beck, mother and entrepreneur

Sandra Beck is interviewed by Sandy Fowler. Sandra is a mom and business owner who went through a difficult divorce and found life afterward to still be divisive. However, in her typical style, she found her way out of the mess and into the life she wants. On Heart Filled Holidays Radio, Sandra will share strategies for handling the curve balls a difficult ex can throw as well as simple ways to talk to your kids when you are dealing with a bad mouthing ex. From parental alienation to making your kids feel good through it all, Sandra’s got it covered.

This week you’ll get tips for making the school year better for both your kids and yourself. We’re sharing apps that help kids with homework and one that helps parents meet the bus without having to wait around. We’ll share those along with a simple trick for busy moms to keep the laundry under control.

And in Christmas Corner we’re talking about traditions and how they can make or break your holidays. Sandy has simple advice for making sure they don’t derail your joy. We’ll wrap things up with a look at a fun holiday celebration – caroling parties.

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