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Episode 12.7.15 Teach Your Child Life Skills and Resilience – Dr Vijaya Nair and Evelyn Cucchiara Interviews

Teach Your Child Life Skills and Resiliency

Interviews with Dr. Vijaya Nair and Evelyn Cucchiara
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Today’s Heart Filled Holidays show has tons of tips for parents! Dr. Vijaya Nair is joining us to talk about resiliency. You may have heard resiliency being discussed in parenting circles because we’re discovering it’s something our kids are having a hard time learning. In Sandy Fowler’s interview, find out why this is so important and a strategy for teaching it to your kids. Then Sandy will jump right into another kid related interview – how to have an organized (and neat!) playroom. Evelyn Cucchiara is The Toy Tamer and she’s sharing her system for designing a play room that will encourage creative play and be easy for kids to keep picked up.

Sandy will also be talking about sleep. Any parent can tell you about a time when they’ve been sleep deprived and there are lots of ideas floating around for getting better sleep. Sandy is sharing some unusual ideas that are easy to implement.

Things will get wrapped up in Christmas Corner where Sandy is sharing gift ideas for teens & tweens, inspiration for your party attire and a fun family activity that can do triple duty and help out your holiday events.

Join us at noon ET on www.radio.heartfilledholidays.com

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