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Episode 1.18.16 Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child – Dr. G. and Jude Bijou Interviews

Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

Dr. G. and Jude Bijou Interviews

One of the challenges of parenthood is raising an emotionally healthy child. Life is busy and full of obstacles, and teaching our children to navigate the difficulties they’ll encounter in life is paramount. On today’s Heart Filled Holidays show, Sandy Fowler interviews two experts to get tips for parenting: Dr. Deborah Gilboa, known as Dr. G., shares insights and strategies for raising resilient kids. She’ll give you insights paired with actionable tools to shape your children. Jude Bijou is a licensed marriage and family therapist whose award-winning book, Attitude Reconstruction, shows you how to deal with the emotions of life. Today she’s applying her knowledge to tantrums to help you understand what’s happening and how you can handle them in a healthy way.

In addition to the great tips from these experts, Sandy is sharing insights from Marie Fleming about where people go wrong when changing things around to bring more joy into their life. Sandy will also share some fabulous questions to use to not only spark conversation at the family dinner table, but to encourage discussions that build our children up and encourage them to be the best people they can be.

In Christmas Corner Sandy is sharing her family’s holiday secrets. She’s talking about their tradition of making gifts and giving ideas for making gifts of your own.

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Episode 11.16.15 Too Busy to Relax – Dr Vijaya Nair and Christina McGhee Interviews

relaxation tips from Dr Vijaya Nair

Interviews with Dr Vijaya Nair and Christina McGhee
Sponsored by Soul Access Meditations
Free help with stress relief at www.soulclaritysystem.com

Moms frequently hear that being busy and feeling overwhelmed causes stress, and they need to de-stress. But how are you supposed to find time for stress-relieving activities when you don’t have any time? In her Heart Filled Holidays interview with Sandy Fowler, Dr. Vijaya Nair is sharing the secret to de-stressing when you don’t have time. Then Christina McGhee is sharing her tips for step families to have better family gatherings.

Before our experts share their secrets, Sandy will share 2 ways to save money that don’t include budgets or coupons. And, in Christmas Corner, Sandy will talk about the ease and beauty of giving homemade gifts. Then she’ll share several ideas for simple homemade gifts that you or your kids can make this year.

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Episode 10.19.15 Transform Your Life Through Forgiveness – Clifford Edwards Interview

Interview with Cliff Edwards

Interview with Cliff Edwards

Do you ever find yourself feeling weighted down? Or getting angry or tense when you’re reminded of someone, maybe even someone from long ago? We’ve all had unpleasant experiences in our lives and Clifford Edwards says those emotions stay with us until we forgive. Clifford is the forgiveness expert and on today’s episode of Heart Filled Holidays radio he’ll chat with Sandy Fowler about the benefits of forgiveness. He’ll show us why we haven’t wanted to do it and uncover the myths as well as showing us the path to feeling lighter and more free.

We’ll also take a look at a few tips for daily life. Family life is fabulous but the days can get frantic. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help you avoid unpleasant surprises and make your days run more smoothly. Sandy will share some ideas and tips that do just that. And, in Christmas Corner, she’s sharing ideas for two more fun and easy homemade gifts. One is perfect for outdoor lovers or friends with cabins.

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Episode 9.28.15 Going Debt Free – Tracie Fobes of the Penny Pinchin Mom Interview

Stressed about Money - interview with Tracie Fobes

Interview with Tracie Fobes
Show sponsored by PennyPinchinMom.com

On today’s Heart Filled Holidays radio show we’re tackling money, savings and debt with Tracie Fobes of the Penny Pinchin Mom. Sandy Fowler will interview Tracie to learn more about her story along with a few ideas about debt and savings including the role of couponing. You’ll hear about her blog and how she helps families save money and get out of debt while still enjoying life.

Along with Tracie’s words of wisdom, you’ll hear from Jude Bijou, the author of Attitude Reconstruction. Jude is an expert in helping people shift their attitudes and improve the way they feel about things. Today she’s sharing strategies for handling situations where you’re being blamed for things.

Before these great chats you’ll get to take a look at Halloween, including Sandy’s favorite idea for a baby carrier costume. If you have a tiny bundle of joy to haul around this Halloween you’ll want to hear about this fabulous costume. Closing out the show are 10 ideas for Elf on the Shelf hi-jinx along with one idea that lets Mom and Dad hide the Elf just once for the entire holiday season but still keeps the kids excited.

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